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Me and Stephen or as I called him Ste had been dating for a few months now and said we still hadn't had sex sure we felt each other up a bit and kissed and masturbated together but that's as far as it went one day Ste came to me and said hey babe what are you going to wear to the dance I think we should meet at yours and probably tell your parents I said hey wait a god damn minute I don't think that you have asked me to be your date to that dance he said oh I thought since we are dating we'd automatically be going together I said of course we are babe I'm gonna be wearing a tux gonna look sharp as fuck he then said and sexy I said babe come on I look sexy as fuck in anything so that's a given he then said I'm gonna be wearing a tux as well I then said maybe we can have our first time make it a special night he said maybe yes maybe no depends how drunk I get I said it's a dance for under 18's there's not gonna be any drink (this story takes place in the UK were the drinking age is 18 but interesting fact most clubs won't let you drink alcohol unless your at least 25 and we refer to alcohol as drink) he then said yeah I know but Sam is bringing some I said three fucking cheers for Sam she's fucking chill I then said is uh she bringing anything else Ste then said well she said she'll try but no promises another interesting fact about me I was a massive stoner that was our little group the emo stoners which was me Ste Sam my twin sister Danni another guy called Casey and a girl called Alex basically all people said we did was sit around smoke weed cut ourselves and write sad songs and shit poetry we did 2 of those things and it wasn't cutting and poetry our songs were fucking amazing and that's not just me being bias not all were sad but a lot were this all got us a reputation of being lazy and unreliable oh and chill motherfuckers since we were usually the first group to take new kids under our wing keep them right fuck authority and hail the weed anyway the night of the dance came I was getting ready my mum came in and said hey Zach who's the lucky lady your taking to the dance I said lucky guy and it's Ste yes my friend Ste she said oh I've known you were gay for ages I said why did you say lucky lady then she said oh I just wanted to see if you'd be honest I said how do you know she said your texts with someone called sexy babez who I now know is Ste I then said you read my fucking texts that's a major fucking invasion of privacy never do it again she said one watch your language and 2 I'll look at your texts if I bloody hell want to boy I said just out get the fuck out bitch about half an hour later Ste arrived with his uncle to drive me him and Danni to the dance we got there met with Sam, Casey and Alex and Sam had a bag of alcohol and a few joints in her pocket so we got stoned and hammered we went to dance it was hilarious us trying to dance drunk we were falling about and giggling people knew what was wrong Ste kept tickling me and that made me giggle and laugh even more I whispered in his ear I want you inside me he said what right now in school I said yeah the toilets he said I've got a better idea he took me by the hand he led me to the heads office I said oh your naughty in the heads office I walked over to him and kissed him we started stripping down our hands explored each others bodies I ran my hands through his hair down his smooth back before resting them on his tight firm ass I gave it a squeeze he then grabbed me spun me around bent me over the heads desk my heart was racing it felt like it was going a mile a minute my first time I felt like I was going to faint from the excitement then Ste grabbed a bottle of hand sanitizer from the desk (the head was a clean freak obsessed with keeping things sanitary) he squirted some onto his hand and rubbed it on my hole then took some more and rubbed it all over his 10 inch cock he said relax this might hurt a bit he had as much experience as me but we knew the basic laws of friction he put his head up to my hole I shivered so horny I was pushing back against him his cock was solid it could cut diamond I looked back in awe of it be applied pressure his head popped into my tight virgin hole as it did I let out a yelp I said through the pain did we lock the door he said yes he reassuringly rubbed my back wiggling his hips to keep the blood flowing after a minute or 2 I said mmh ok keep going he then slowly started pushing more of his cock into my hole I could feel it giving way as he got deeper he kept pushing into me until I felt his pubes brush against my ass I said to myself oh my fucking god he's balls deep inside me I then said oh God give it to me pound my boi pussy make me your cock slave he then started fucking my ass relentlessly I practically screamed oh fuck don't stop he said oh god you like that don't you slut you like me pounding your ass I said oh yes daddy please don't stop yank my hair slap me like the bitch slut I am he grabbed my hair and used to pull my head back and roughly slapped me multiple times I moaned lustfully with each slap it was at this point I realized I liked and I mean really like rough sex he said oh fuck I'm gonna cum I said don't pull out use me as your cum dump he grabbed me by my wrists and used them like rains and pulled me into him he then dumped his load deep in my hole he slowly started pulling out I giggled at the sensation I then took my hard unsatisfied cock and started wanking myself off I shot the biggest load I ever had before I then felt something running down out of my hole and Ste's cum was dripping out of my hole we then cleaned ourselves up as best as possible for dressed and before we left I said babe wait a minute I went over to the heads desk and tried to open it locked I took out my pen knife and broke the lock and opened the drawer and took my weed pipe that he confiscated the day before I turned to Ste and said what I told him I'd be getting it back we walked out I turned to him and kissed him and said thanks for that we enjoyed the rest of the dance we topped up on alcohol so when we were sat in the back of Ste's uncle's car we were really really fucking hammered so I blurted out to everyone we're drunk we all are me Ste Sam Casey Danni and Alex who where all in Ste's uncle's 8 seater mini van and we fucked in the heads office Sam who's my best friend And more like a guy when it comes to sex she talks about it openly like guys do she said oh what really sweet man and we did our super secret best friend handshake that we had done so many times it was muscle memory and we could do it drunk Ste stayed over at mine so we got back to mine looking all desheveled hair a mess tux all creased a d bowtie undone my mum took one look at us walked over and smelled our breath and said you 3 are drunk I said yeah so what we were supposed to have fun and we did my mum then said god all of you get to bed and Zach you and Ste sleep in separate beds I said we're to drunk to fuck we went to bed snuggled up together. 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Hentai: [MaRy] Toile ni Ikitai! [Digital]

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