[Misao.] Nigirare | Grasp (COMIC LO 2019-03) [English] [Shippoyasha] [Digital]

They would also offer to pay for her to get a degree that would give her all of the skills she needed to be a good research coordinator. Go home Because of her husband’s severe physical, mental and sexual abuse from even before they were married, she leaves him and their daughter behind (a decision that will become clear as you read her story) after living in hell for a little over three years.

Hentai: [Misao.] Nigirare | Grasp (COMIC LO 2019-03) [English] [Shippoyasha] [Digital]

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[みさお。]にぎられ(COMIC LO 2019年3月号) [英訳] [DL版]

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