Blow Job Porn Ayatsure! Sisters Ch. 2 Big Butt

A smelly old rag is then pushed in your mouth

A tie-band then holds it in place

Then an explosion of blinding white stars

As a hand slaps you hard in your face

“Now listen up close little girly”

As a hand grips you firm on your chin

“If you would like to see morning

Then you’d better relax and give in”

“Do you want to make this thing easy

Or go down the hard route instead?”

Knowing there now seems no option

You give a slight nod of your head

“Good girl, you gave the right answer

We also want you to have fun

And not have knife-cuts and bruises

Before the game’s even begun

But I’m here to give you fair warning

I’m not gonna lie and pretend

There might be red wealds on your ankles and wrists

By the time we get to the end”

You give a dry gulp and a shiver

At the thought of what lay ahead

But your mind goes blank with another hard slap

As a hood then encases your head

The hood has some kind of hemming

Which seems to encircle your neck

You feel its buckle being latched into place

Your luck has just cashed a bad cheque

You then sense some kind of motion

Your trip is now underway

They fiddle about with your handcuffs

And you feel them being taken away

As hands start tugging the sides of your top

You feel it being slowly removed

Your racy new bra then comes into view

A wolf-whistle shows it’s been approved

By reflex you automatically lift up your arms

As your top slides up over your head

You want to drop your arms down again

But rough hands hold them high up instead

You hear the tink-chinkle of handcuffs

And your wrists are ensnared once again

But this time you can’t get your arms down

They’ve be hung up on some kind of chain

Hands then pull hard on your ankles

Stretching you out by your feet

Your whole body just seems to go airborne

Pulling you out of your seat

You feel you’re at a mad angle

Your arms are still up in the air

You’re being stretched out like a hammock

The strain on your wrists hard to bear

Some kind of table slides under your back

Supporting the weight of your body

Releasing the strain of the handcuffs

Which briefly had been quite ungodly

Now laid on your back horizontal

Hands pull at the heels of your shoes

“Tonight there’ll be no more walking

So, don’t worry, you’ve nothing to lose”

Hands then pull at your leggings

You’re being relieved of your slacks

“We’re just making sure you are ready”

As your thigh get a couple of smacks

Already relieved of your footwear

Your feet are raised, one at a time

You feel them being wiped with warm liquid

It’s bizarre, but feels quite sublime. ”

You’re relieved to hear an escape-route

He studies you close for response

You nod your head like a demon

It’s exactly just what he wants

“So you do want a taste of the bull-whip

To feel the warm glow of its kiss

To dance to its hypnotic rhythm

And come to welcome the sound of its hiss?

His words make you writhe in a panic

Frantic “MmmmMMmMmm”s emit from your hood

“Don’t worry, the tutor’s an expert,” he mocks

“You’ll dance well when he’s whipping you good.

Hentai: [Pon Takahanada] Ayatsure! Sisters Ch. 2 [English] [desudesu] [Digital]

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[ポン貴花田]あやつれ!シスターズ 第2話[英訳] [DL版]

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