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Anyway one day my friends, including Cody which I had not seen in about a month and two other Tom and Trevor, went and played 18 holes of golf and of course we were crushed by Cody, he was a really good golfer. (C69) [Tom Tom (Yuzupon)] To Heart2 Zettai… “Holy fuck,, your mouth feels so fucking good”

“Yeah?” He says

“Yeah you are so much better than the fucking chicks”

He continued to suck my dick for about five minutes, and it was so unbelievably hot.

Hentai: [Shima Hitsuji (Unazuki)] AkoSama. Sono 11 (Shinrabansho) [Digital]

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[しまひつじ (うなづき)]アコサマ。その11(神羅万象) [DL版]

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